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Heat Treating, Extruders, Breweries
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American Industrial Werks, Inc. - Machinery Moving
If you are based in Ohio, but need to move machines or equipment into or out of Illinois, call American Industrial Werks. Plant relocations, individual machines, trucking, machinery installation, conveyor installations, electrical contracting, HVAC & mechanical contracting, architecture, engineering, brewery installations.
Schaumburg IL

Canton Erectors Inc.
Machinery Rigging & Moving, Lift Truck Service, Aerial Lifts, Welding & Fabrication, Crane Services, Plant Relocation & Maintenance, Heavy Haul Trucking Services, Overseas Crating Services, Machinery Storage & Warehousing
  Canton OH

Selinsky Force
Heavy Rigging, Equipment Setting, Machinery Storage, Millwright Service, Logistics, Heavy Specialized Transportation
  Canton OH

Industrial Movers Inc.
A full service machinery relocation company with special emphasis in Graphic Arts Equipment, Medical Equipment, Telecommunication Equipment, and equipment storage.
  Cincinnati OH

S K Rigging Co., Inc.
Machinery and equipment moves, Turn key plant moves (electrical, mechanical, etc.), Machinery and equipment hauling, Long term and short term storage, Crating and skidding materials, Packing overseas containers
  Cincinnati OH

American Industrial Rigging Co.
American Industrial Rigging specializes in the relocation and erection of industrial machinery.
  Cleveland OH

Gardner Contracting
Rigging, erection, packaging & RR car blocking, plant maintenance, plant relocating, warehousing, millwrighting, certified welding, fabrication, optical alignment
  Cleveland OH

Atlas Industrial Contractors
Turnkey installation, Engineered heavy lifts, Plant relocation, Plant maintenance
  Columbus OH

Mosier Industrial Services Corp
Heavy Rigging, Demolition & Decommissioning, metal fabrication, Machining, Plant/Heavy Equipment & Machinery relocation
  Crestline OH

Consolidated Machinery Movers
General Machinery Moving & Rigging, Heavy Rigging & Lifting, Installations, Precision Level & Alignment, Bolting (torque to spec), Warehousing, Equipment Rentals, Plant Relocations, Logistics & Transportation
  Dayton OH

Miller Rigging
Rigging and Machinery Moving, Trucking and Heavy Hauling, Crane and Forklift Service, Turn-Key Factory Movement, Wrecker Service (Class 8 and Larger), Mechanical Service and Fabrication
  Findlay OH

Mid - Ohio Mechanical Inc.
Rigging, Misc. Steel, and Furnace Rebuilds, Machinery Installation and Shutdown work
  Granville OH

Rockmill Machinery Transfer, Inc.
Rigging, Machinery Moving, Crane Service, Heavy Hauling, Oversized Loads, Plant Relocations, Warehouse Storage, Demolition
  Lancaster OH

Patriot Industrial Contracting Services
Industrial Machinery Moving & Installation, Industrial Repair and Maintenance, Building Shoring - Jacking, Rigging & Hoisting, Precision Alignment and Millwright Work, Small Steel Erection, Welding & Fabrication
  Milford OH

Mideast Machinery Movers, Inc.
Machinery Moving, Turn-Key Know-how, Experience / Teamwork, Versatility and Know-how, Millwright Work
  New Paris OH

Johnstone Machinery Movers
Rigging, Erecting, Dismantling, Storage, 200 Ton Gantry Service, Heavy Hauling, Heavy Equipment Rental, Rigging Consultation, Fully Insured, Plant Moving/Teardowns, Lift Truck Capacity to 80,000 lbs.
  Perrysburg OH

Keller Rigging & Construction Inc.
Machine Equipment Relocation, Dismantling, Machinery Foundations, Millwright Services, Plant Consolidation, Welding & Fabrication, Warehousing and Storage
  Tallmadge OH

Dunbar Mechanical Inc.
Rigging/Machinery Moving/Equipment Setting - Plus HVAC, Piping and more.
  Toledo OH

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Chemical tanks, plastics,
brewery tanks. Tank demolition.

Craftsman Race Car

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